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Treasure Chest #21: Scatological Opera

Hello again gamers! Welcome to another “Treasure Chest”. Always remembering, this series is based on an ongoing series from Destructoid , “The Memory Card” by Chad Concelmo.

I want to thank: João Marcelo Beraldo, Rafael Martins, Gilliard Lopes, Luise Braunsperger and Heloísa Pintarelli!! Thank you all!!

Hoping from a streak of serious moments, we fall on one of the most hilarious games ever made. The one and only game where you can take the shoes of a drunk squirrel trying to get home: Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

The Setup

Conker’s Bad Fur Day was developed by Rare and was released in 2001 for the Nintendo 64. In 2005 a enhanced version was released for the Xbox. I’ve played this beauty on the N64, being a Rare fanboy at the time I wanted this title since when they announced it would be a nasty game full of sexual innuendos, toilet humour and several parodies of movies.

Well, as soon as you turn your console on you can wonder how disturbed this game is gonna be. In place of the usual cute presentation of the N64 logo what you see is a maniacal squirrel with a chainsaw in hands and a smile on his face splitting the poor jumpy logo in half. Nice start :D

Not convinced? Ok. Just start your game... the first scene, the very first scene is a reference for one of the most shocking movies of its age... The Clockwork Orange. (Never watched? WHAT? Go watch it NOW) After this opening scene you don’t need further proof of the awesomeness of this game.

The gameplay is very similar to all other platforming games released for the N64. You could run, jump and strike folks with a Frying pan! Though it doesn’t contain any innovation... the controls were spot on and suited the game perfectly.

You control Conker, a greedy, foul-mouthed, heavy drinking, perverted red squirrel (Awesome guy :D), after a night drinking and gaming with his friends at the bar your sole objective is to get home to his beloved girlfriend, Berri (I personally think this character is highly responsible for the increase of Furries in the planet...just saying). But after you take a wrong turn things start to fall apart.

While you try to get home the ruler of all the land, the Panther King, is upset. His sidetable doesn’t have a fourth leg and because of that all his milk is always spilled. His personal scientist suggests the use of a red squirrel as the leg for his table. Accepting the suggestion, the Panther King sends his minions to capture one.

This is the main plot of the game... crazy awesome, right? Well... it’s not even the beginning. As Conker searches for his way home, he stumbles across some insane situations, among them: A bee that had it’s hive stolen, a t-rex baby pet, a busty sunflower and her affair with the bee king, the war between gray squirrels and the Tediz (some kind of Nazi Teddy Bears). But, as he helps this poor fellows he collects cash. A LOT OF CASH.

I could not manage to describe all bright moments in the game, you’ll have to play it to see them... But I’ll try to give you guys a taste showing my favorite...

The Moment

In a particular stage of the game you enter a room made of feces. Yeah... Shit is dripping from the wall, ceiling and all over the floor.

As you come closer to the border of the platform you are standing on a big pile of shit, with sweet corn as teeth appears, singing. Singing the following music... Opera Style... "I am the great mighty poo and I'm going to throw my shit at you..."

To defeat the great mighty poo you have to avoid the incoming bullets of feces and as soon as the stinky singer open his mouth you throw a huge roll of toilet paper down his throat. As you progress the fight becomes more difficult and from times to times he sings another part of the music.

After repeating the process a couple of times the mighty poo’s singing makes a glass break, exposing a rope used to flush the big brown fella down the drain!

Watch the whole fight here

The Impact

This boss is one of the most disgusting, disturbing and memorable experiences in game history.

I remember the whole lyric of his song by heart and sing along every time I hear it.

It is wonderful that a game like that was made and released for the N64. It was against all the common sense but it showed that older people (not necessarily more mature ones hahah) played games and enjoyed them.

It was really a big step... and for that, for me... Rare will always be remembered... even though it is in deep shit nowadays. (sorry... I could not stop myself)

But, let me tell you. People at Rare did one last awesome thing before ending this game...

As you finish the last boss and it jumps on you for the game conclusion, the entire game suddenly crashes, it locks up!

Conker’s break the fourth wall and express his disappointment with Rare. Accusing the team of not doing the beta testing properly. A programmer responds to him and after being blackmailed helps Conker.

He gives Conker a Katana, and teleports him to the King’s throne room. Conker then kills the last boss and become king of all the land. But... then he realizes... Berri died in the previous encounter...and he forgot to resurrect her...

He desperately tries to call the programmer once again with no success. Conker then gives a closing monologue and the game ends. A hilarious (also a bit.. D’uh...dumb squirrel) moment you can watch here:

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Marcelo Martins disse...

Grande Sandro,

Rapaz, que jogo maluco retado! Não o conhecia até hoje, obrigado por compartilhar!

Achei as duas cenas incríveis! Não é só engraçado e bizarro, a interpretação dos dubladores ficou genial. Com certeza é um jogo que vou querer jogar do começo ao fim.

Um abraço!

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